Staking with StellaryAI not only contributes to the platform's growth and success but also rewards you for your participation and loyalty.

  • StellaryAI Rewards: Earn a share of the platform's revenue based on the amount and duration of your staked tokens. The longer you stake, the higher your rewards.

  • Exclusive Access: Staking unlocks exclusive features, such as priority processing, advanced customization options, and early access to new AI models and tools.

  • Governance Rights: Participate in the platform's decision-making process by voting on proposals and shaping the future of StellaryAI. Your voting power is proportional to your staked tokens.

Staking Tiers:

  • Innovator Tier: The highest tier, requiring a significant amount of staked tokens for an extended period. Innovators receive the largest share of platform revenue, priority access to all features, and significant voting power in governance decisions.

  • Explorer Tier: A mid-level tier that requires a moderate amount of staked tokens for a reasonable duration. Explorers receive a balanced share of platform revenue, access to most exclusive features, and moderate voting power in governance.

  • Enthusiast Tier: The entry-level tier, requiring a smaller amount of staked tokens for a shorter period. Enthusiasts receive a proportional share of platform revenue, access to some exclusive features, and limited voting power in governance.

By staking your tokens in StellaryAI, you not only support the platform's growth but also gain the opportunity to earn rewards, unlock exclusive features, and have a say in the platform's future. The more you stake and the longer you commit, the greater your rewards and influence within the StellaryAI ecosystem.

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