MC Program

Empowering Innovation and Creativity

Model Creators Program (MC Program) by StellaryAI, a pioneering initiative designed to empower and incentivize creators who develop unique models for image, video, or music generation. This program not only provides a platform for model creators to monetize their innovative work but also fosters a vibrant ecosystem of competition and collaboration, encouraging the development and promotion of groundbreaking AI models.

Program Overview

The MC Program is structured to reward model creators for every instance their model is used for generating content on StellaryAI. This means that creators earn a portion of the revenue generated from the use of their models, providing a continuous income stream as their models gain popularity and usage.

Earnings on a Generation Basis

  • Revenue Sharing: Model creators earn a share of the revenue each time their model is used to generate content, directly linking their earnings to the popularity and utility of their models.

  • Transparent Tracking: StellaryAI provides detailed analytics and tracking, allowing creators to monitor the usage and earnings of their models in real-time.

Monthly Competitions and Campaigns

To further promote innovation and engagement, the MC Program includes monthly competitions and campaigns that encourage model creators to market their models creatively and effectively.

  • Monthly Competitions: Creators are invited to participate in monthly competitions to showcase their models. These competitions are designed to highlight the newest and most innovative models on StellaryAI.

  • Promotion and Exposure: Participating in these competitions provides creators with significant exposure, increasing the visibility and usage of their models within the StellaryAI community.

How to Join the MC Program

Joining the Model Creators Program at StellaryAI is an exclusive opportunity reserved for those who not only demonstrate exceptional creativity and innovation in model development but also share our commitment to advancing the field of AI-generated content. As an opt-in program, entry is selective, ensuring a community of dedicated and pioneering creators. Here's how you can be part of this elite group:

  1. Application and Selection Process:

    • Submit Your Model: Apply by providing detailed information about your unique model for image, video, or music generation. Highlight its innovative features, potential applications, and any unique attributes that set it apart from existing models.

    • Review and Selection: Our team of experts will review submissions with a keen eye for creativity, utility, and potential impact. Only the most promising models that align with our vision of pushing the boundaries of AI-generated content will be selected for the program.

  2. Exclusive Promotion Opportunities:

    • Upon Acceptance: If your model is selected, you'll gain access to StellaryAI's platform for exclusive promotion. This includes featured spots in our marketplace, participation in targeted campaigns, and the chance to showcase your model to our engaged community of creators and users.

    • Strategic Promotion: We encourage you to think creatively about how you promote your model. This can include creating sample content, participating in community events, or collaborating with other creators to demonstrate the versatility and potential of your model.

Earnings and Rewards ( Community Engagement and Model Creator Revenue)

Within the Model Creators Program (MC Program) at StellaryAI, the synergy between model creators and the community is not just celebrated but rewarded. Here's how both creators and community members can benefit from this dynamic ecosystem:

For Model Creators: Sustained Revenue Stream

  • Revenue Sharing: As a model creator, you'll receive a consistent revenue stream each time your model is used to generate content. This direct revenue sharing model acknowledges the effort, innovation, and value your work brings to the StellaryAI platform, ensuring that your creativity is not just showcased but also monetized.

For the Community: Opportunity to Earn $STELAI through Creativity

  • Competitions and Campaigns: StellaryAI hosts regular competitions and campaigns designed to spotlight new and innovative models. These events serve as a platform for the community to engage creatively with the models, generating unique images, videos, or music.

  • Rewards for Top Creations: In these competitions, StellaryAI will select the top 5 creations in each category (images, videos, music) that best utilize or highlight the capabilities of the models. The creators of these top-tier works will be rewarded with $STELAI, StellaryAI's proprietary token. This not only incentivizes the community to explore and use new models but also fosters a vibrant, creative ecosystem where excellence is recognized and rewarded.

The Dual Benefit: A Win-Win for Creators and Community

This model of engagement and reward ensures a win-win situation:

  • Model Creators gain a wider audience and increased usage of their models, translating to a steady revenue stream and greater visibility within the community.

  • Community Members are encouraged to experiment and create with the latest models, with the added incentive of earning rewards for their creativity and innovation.

The Value of Selective Inclusivity

By making the MC Program opt-in and selective, StellaryAI ensures a high standard of quality and innovation within our ecosystem. This approach fosters a sense of exclusivity and prestige for participants, while also ensuring that users have access to the most advanced and creative models available.

Ready to Shape the Future of AI Content Generation?

If you believe your model has what it takes to revolutionize the world of AI-generated content, we invite you to apply to the Model Creators Program. This is your chance to join an elite group of creators making significant strides in the field, to monetize your innovations, and to be recognized as a leader in AI-driven creativity. Welcome to the future of content generation, where your work can inspire, influence, and innovate on a global scale.


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