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Discover a World of Imaginative Possibilities with Exquisitely Fine-Tuned Models

Welcome to the vibrant world of StellaryAI, where your creativity knows no bounds. Our "Generate Image" feature is designed to bring your wildest imaginations to life with unparalleled ease and flexibility. Below, we delve into the core aspects of this feature, each designed to ensure your journey from imagination to creation is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Input Prompt: Your Creative Launchpad

At the heart of every great AI-generated image is a compelling prompt. StellaryAI transforms your words into visual masterpieces, making this the starting point of your creative adventure. Whether you're envisioning a serene landscape, a bustling cityscape, or an abstract composition, your prompt sets the stage for the magic to unfold. The power to initiate this creative journey lies in your hands, and with StellaryAI, every word you type is a brushstroke on the canvas of possibility.

Selection of Fine-Tuned Models: Your Palette of Possibilities

StellaryAI supports over 30 fine-tuned models, each a master of a different domain. From surreal art styles to photorealistic textures, our diverse range of models ensures that no matter your vision, there's a model perfectly suited to bring it to life. Choosing the right model is like selecting the perfect brush or palette for your masterpiece; it defines the essence and character of your creation, making your art truly unique.

Guidance Scale: Fine-Tune Your Creative Control

Imagine having the ability to guide your AI collaborator as it crafts your image. The Guidance Scale does precisely that, allowing you to adjust how closely the generated image adheres to your input prompt. A higher value sharpens the focus on your prompt's details, while a lower value invites a freer interpretation, often leading to surprising and innovative creations. This feature empowers you to balance between precision and creative serendipity, making each creation uniquely yours.

Clip Skip: Your Shortcut to Perfection

The Clip Skip feature is designed to streamline your creative process, reducing the time it takes to go from concept to completion. By adjusting this setting, you can skip certain processing steps, speeding up generation without significantly compromising on quality. This is particularly useful when you're iterating on ideas or when time is of the essence. Think of it as your creative accelerator pedal, ready to speed up your journey to the perfect image.

Quality Steps: Elevate Your Artistry

Quality Steps allow you to control the level of detail and refinement in your generated images. A higher number of steps results in images with greater detail and visual fidelity, bringing your creations closer to your vision with each increment. This feature is akin to adding layers of polish to your masterpiece, ensuring that every nuance and subtlety of your original idea is captured with clarity and brilliance.

Pick Dimensions: Frame Your Imagination

With StellaryAI, you're not just creating images; you're framing your imagination. The ability to pick dimensions for your generated image means you have the power to determine its scale and aspect ratio, ensuring that the final product perfectly fits your creative or practical needs. Whether you're aiming for a panoramic landscape or a detailed portrait, StellaryAI gives you the canvas to match your vision.


Why stop at one? With StellaryAI, you can generate between 1 to 4 samples for each prompt, allowing you to explore a range of interpretations and variations of your idea. This is perfect for when you're deciding between different creative directions or simply want to marvel at the AI's versatility. Each sample is a door to a new possibility, inviting you to step into diverse landscapes of your own creation.

NSFW Toggle: For Mature Audiences

Understanding the diverse needs and interests of our user base, StellaryAI includes a toggle for generating content that's intended for mature audiences. This NSFW (Not Safe For Work) feature ensures that creators looking to explore more adult themes can do so freely, while also providing safeguards to keep the platform accessible and appropriate for all users. It's a testament to our commitment to creative freedom, balanced with responsible usage.

Bringing It All Together

StellaryAI's "Generate Image" feature is more than just a tool; it's your gateway to endless creative possibilities. With each element designed to enhance your artistic journey, from the initial prompt to the final masterpiece, we invite you to explore, experiment, and create with freedom and joy. Stay tuned for accompanying gifs and visuals that will guide you through each step of this exciting process, ensuring you can make the most out of StellaryAI's transformative potential.


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