Revenue Streams

List of Revenue Streams

Credit Packages Model:

  • Users purchase credits in packages of varying sizes, with larger packages offering better value per credit.

  • Credits are consumed when using the platform's features, such as generating images, videos, voiceovers, or music compositions.

  • Different features require different amounts of credits based on factors like complexity, duration, and output quality.

  • Users can earn bonus credits through referrals, promotions, or by contributing to the platform's community (e.g., providing feedback, sharing creations).

  • Unused credits can be rolled over to the next billing cycle or purchased on-demand.

  • This model allows for flexibility and scalability, as users only pay for what they use and can easily upgrade their credit packages as needed.

Credit Package Tiers:

  • 1000 credits

  • 3000 credits

  • 5000 credits

  • Note: Price points for each package will be decided and announced closer to the launch date.

Marketplace Model:

  • In addition to the core AI-powered tools, create a marketplace where users can buy and sell their generated content, such as images, videos, voiceovers, or music.

  • StellaryAI takes a percentage of each transaction as a commission.

  • Creators can set their own prices for their content and retain ownership rights.

  • Buyers can purchase content for personal or commercial use, with different licensing options available.

  • Implement a search and discovery system to help users find relevant content, and allow for ratings and reviews to ensure quality.

  • This model taps into the growing demand for unique, AI-generated content and provides an additional revenue stream for both the platform and its users.

The introduction of $STELAI and its evolving utility within the StellaryAI ecosystem represents a significant step towards democratizing AI-driven creativity. By facilitating easy access to AI tools, incentivizing model creators, and rewarding community participation, $STELAI is poised to become a cornerstone of the creative economy. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to develop and enhance the utility of $STELAI for our community.

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